ECLM 2013 Audio

This is a collection of unofficial audio recordings from European Common Lisp Meeting 2013 (ECLM). All talks are published with the consent of the speakers and the organizers of ECLM. It was recorded with a portable sound recorder for personal use.

LS_30123.mp3 (33 Mb)

Wes Henderson, Wukix, Inc., USA,
Creating iOS and Android apps in Lisp, with mocl

LS_30125.mp3 (45 Mb)

Michael Eisfeld, Eisfeld Ingenieure AG, Germany,
ConED - a Conceptual Engineering Editor - starting literally from scratch

LS_30129.mp3 (36 Mb)

R. Matthew Emerson, Clozure Associates, USA,
The Design and Use of Clozure CL's Objective-C Bridge

LS_30131.mp3 (26 Mb)

Erik Huelsmann, The Netherlands,
Creating and deploying Common Lisp applications on the JVM

LS_30132.mp3 (24 Mb)

Sven Emtell, DoReMIR Music Research AB, Sweden,
ScoreCleaner - A shrink wrap music notation software